Company’s Outline

Plant Breeding Institute Co., Ltd.
A pioneer in highly functional vegetable. Breeding for health benefit.
We are involved in all process – not just development of new varieties – ranging from R&D to production and distribution.
Creating and adding value, deciding price by ourselves.
2-45, Chuo, Kuriyama, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido,069-1511, Japan
TEL +81 123 72 5680
FAX +81 123 72 5680
1-118, Asahidai, Kuriyama, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido 069-1507 Japan
TEL +81 123 76 9191
TEL +81 123 76 9191
Daisaku Okamoto (Ph.D)
・Development of new vegetable varieties by breeding, mainly onion and other alliums.
・Distribution of highly functional vegetables. Delicious and good for health.
・Breeding and seed production, Long-day onion mainly, intermediate onion,
overwintering onion, short-day onion and other alliums.
A venture company of the Hokkaido University, Department of Agriculture.